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Welcome to the definitive fansite for An American Tail, Universal's breakthrough 1986 animated film which jump-started the animation industry! This site is dedicated to all four films as well as the short lived television series. Relive the adventures of Fievel Mousekewitz, his family, his journey to America and the friends and enemies he meets along the way, and connect with fellow fans in the forum.


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I feel bad I haven't been able to do much with this site as of late. But, in a rare moment, the home site is up and running. Let's see if I can maybe do more with this site over the summer. Probably write a review of Fievel's Playland like I was going to (the trip to Universal Studios had a kind of depressing overtone to it for an An American Tail fan, due to the fact that Universal Studios is all about 'out with the old, in with the new', and thinks its old movies belong on 3 in 1 family packs buried at the bottom of the 5 dollar bin at Wal-Mart).



Been a while, hasn't it? Webs keeps shutting the site down unfortunately. But, having been to Fievel's Playland just recently I want to do an article on it. I'll try and find some way to make it fit. =)



So, I've been toying with the idea of moving the site someplace else due to the monthly bandwidth issues (the site is simply too big for it's own good), but to do that I'm going to need a ton of time, which is something hard to come by for me lately. Until then please bear with the site being frozen every once in a while. It'll always come back.

Feel free to drop by the forum too, we do still have one by the way. Just look up at the directory. I think all it really needs is more people.



Happy 25th Anniversary to An American Tail!! 25 years of never saying never. I'd like to extend my gratitude to everyone who made the franchise possible. The deviantArt group http://neversayneveragain.deviantart.com/ is having an art contest in honor of the anniversary, so if you want to look at all the awesome fan art you should check it out.

And isn't this a special occasion, my website is finally back up after weeks of being frozen! This is the start of some changes around here, mostly involving moving stuff over to the sister site. You may notice the Music section has been moved already. The forums are going to be moved pretty soon, and probably a lot of the gallery too. Just to help with this bandwidth stuff. Don't worry though, I'll probably put a directory page up on this page to make things easier to get to.


At long last I have the summary to "Little Mouse on the Prairie" up, plus a link to where you can watch the German version on Youtube (sadly, I've no access to an English copy yet). In a weird way, I'm glad there's at least one 'An American Tail' thing still out there I haven't really seen yet. Unless there is more that I don't know about. Speaking of which, soon I'm going to launch a new page on other more obscure An American Tail-related things that came out, such as the video games, and the dreaded reading PSA from 1991.


Slowly but surely fixing the Music page because Youtube took down the "Fievel and Friends" album, and trying to purchase more bandwidth (though it says I'm over the limit again this month, annoyingly, so if the site disappears again you know what happened). It's probably all up to me to reupload "Fievel and Friends" on Youtube through my AATFievelFan account. Luckily I have all the songs except "A Little Bit of Reggae", but quite frankly that song shouldn't exist anyway...


We're back, and happy belated second anniversary to the site! That bandwidth problem finally caught up with me, and the site was down for a few days. I'm not really sure how to prevent it from happening again, but I might decide to move stuff to the spare site I made (anamericantail1.webs.com). I'm also going to try to get more bandwidth by using Webs search bar thing (got to work up 100 tokens to buy 100 MB of bandwidth). 


The site has just become slightly more awesome, because of the playlist I've added to the homepage from Project Playlist! I really should have done this a long time ago but I didn't realize I could. So if you hear the music and want to see where it's coming from, scroll to the bottom of this page. It's got music from all four movies and from the Fievel and Friends album. So enjoy!


The votes at the forum are in, so expect to see a flashy new banner on the site real soon! The banner was originally conceived by forum user FievelExpress, and a touch-up was done by Maxl654.


Happy 24th anniversary to An American Tail! That's right, it opened in theaters on this date in 1986. You know what that means...one more year until the 25th anniversary!


My apologies for the lack of updates, but I went ahead and completed a profile on Thomas Dekker in The Cast. My how our Fievel voice actors grow up fast. Still getting bandwidth problems even with the sister site, sadly, though it doesn't seem to be as bad, thankfully.


Right, all done with the sister site, for now. Hopefully that will help the bandwidth problems. Don't worry, I've tried to make this as convenient as I can for this site's visitors. Just surf the links and you'll be able to access my reviews of the movies and the lyrics to the songs by going back and forth between the two sites via the links. I've fixed most of the links now.


Thanks to some advice from forum member Tanya, I'm going to be moving a few of the pages on this site onto an identical sister site to bypass Webs' bandwidth rule. The first to be transferred is the Lyrics page, I'll mostly just be doing the pages that are on invisible.  Also, I may be getting a chatbox soon too.

Happy belated 1 year anniversary to the site! I'm embarrassed that I didn't remember that until now. The sites still going strong! And don't be afraid to join the forum, we need some fresh blood.


The reason for the lack of promised updates lately is the fact that I'd exceeded my bandwidth,and Webs was threatening to deactivate the site, so I was afraid to add anything to it. The threat seems to be gone, for now, so I'll continue my construction on a page dedicated to the cast (directors and voice actors) of the An American Tail movies.


I found a ton of interesting new things to add to the Merchandise gallery on my latest Ebay run (I mostly go there to window shop), and you can find them there now. I know everyone's going to want the Tanya plushie. In other news, if you scroll down to the bottom of this page you'll see that 'Never Say Never Again!' has joined a webring! Now I might have it join some more webrings too, I saw a Don Bluth one but it wasn't letting me join for whatever reason, so I'll try to get to that later. Could be a great turning point for the site if it attracts new people into the forum. The daily hits for this site have been pretty high lately anyway (as far as this site goes), so keep them coming!


There's quite an update today folks. It's been a long time coming. In one night written a summary and review for The Mystery of The Night Monster. Follow the link and read it for yourself! Also, look for some new screencaps in the photo album for the film as well. I now have summaries for every movie in the series. Wikipedia shall be forever vanquished from this site! It is somewhat bittersweet though. I'd love for them to make another sequel, if they actually did it right. But with Universal shutting down their animation department, who knows when or if we'll ever see that.

It's going to be hectic for me in the coming weeks and months, but I'll try my best to update the site and be vocal in the forum. I have ideas for new pages on the site now that The Tails is complete. Just stay tuned!


Hope everyone had a great New Years! I've posted a review of the Fievel's American Tails episode "A Mouse Known as Zorrowitz". Also, I've got new pictures in Fievel's Playland and Merchandise as well as in the An American Tail album too! So go check those out! Site's still going strong in 2010, thanks to all of you!


Well, it's finally done! Tonight I finally finished that summary/review of The Treasure of Manhattan Island. It may not be the most well-liked movie of the series but as I say in my review, there's no harm in at least giving it a chance, I've seen much worse. Next up, I have a couple episodes of Fievel's American Tails to review. I won't be able to work on The Mystery of the Night Monster until I get my DVD back after winter break, I left it at my dorm. Oh well, gives you something to look forward to in 2010. Also, please don't be afraid to join the forum, things have been kinda quiet and I think we could use some new blood. All fans, hardcore or casual, are welcome!


My winter vacation has officially begun! So, provided I'm not lazy, expect a lot of new updates to the site real soon. And to keep your AAT-appetites satisfied, I've uploaded tons of new photos, in almost all of the albums. Have a look! I got permission from Skyline19 to upload some of his beautiful Tanya Mousekewitz art too, that's up in the fanart section. Look him up on Deviant Art if you like it, same goes with the rest of the fanart.


Happy six month anniversary to the site! It's looking much better than it did six months ago, but my work's still not over yet. In site news, this website's got it's very first affiliate! It's 'The Game's Afoot', an excellent fansite about The Great Mouse Detective, another personal favorite of mine. Us fans of animated mouse movies ought to stick together, right? So beneath the site updates on this very page you'll find a new section for affiliates. If you'd like to have a look at the site go right ahead, just click on the little picture. And keep checking back here for some updates real soon too. I'm about to get a lot more free time on my hands in the coming weeks.


Happy 23rd anniversary of An American Tail! 23 years ago today, An American Tail debuted in theaters, and the animation industry has never been the same. Here's hoping that this movie continues to inspire generations of fans for many more years to come..


Read about the An American Tail Live Show from Universal Studios in the Music section, complete with a download! Also a review of Creep Crawl Flash's "No Cats".


All new summary of An American Tail is up. Come relive the nostalgia!! Fievel goes West is next in line. Special thanks to forum user Tanya for the new header.


I've renamed the site "Never Say Never Again!- An American Tail Fansite", we'll see if the name sticks. Also, I've just made the homepage a bit prettier (been needing to do that for a while).  The site will get progressively prettier as time goes on. I've started a new page with lyrics to all the songs from the movies. This page can be easily accessed through The Music page as well as by following various links throughout the site. Keep checking for new stuff in the photo's section and in the forums, which I might add has been bustling with activity in a way I hadn't predicted but am very happy with.


Happy belated one month anniversary! I've now completed a page on the series 'Fievel's American Tails', giving summaries for all of the 13 episodes and links to where you can watch some of them. You can access the page through The Tails page or through links on The Characters page. I haven't seen every episode so I was forced to rely on IMDB for some of them. If you have seen any I haven't, please contact me through the forums.


I've added a trivia section now, named "Get the Facts" after Nellie Brie's catchy tune, and I've been adding other little updates here and there over the past week. Also check the photos section and the forum, there have been recent additions there. I encourage everyone who finds this site and is a fan of An American Tail to join the forum.


Well, I tried to enhance the Characters page by having each picture of the character link up to their own little page with their profile, but come to find out Webs is giving me a twenty page limit. I don't have the spare money to pay them for more pages unfortunately, so I guess we're stuck with the one long characters page. I've got nine pages so far. Contacts might be disposable if I need one more. So I need to decide what to do with the eleven more pages I have. I may choose to enhance the Tails section and give each movie a page of its own. I can also do a page on Fievel's American Tails, and I was thinking of doing a quotes and a trivia page.  And that's only seven out of the eleven pages I have left, twelve if I need it.


Just starting the site up! This is my first Webs account, so bear with me here, still heavily under construction, and I'm still trying to learn the ropes of working with this site. I want to create something to fill the major American Tail fansite void the internet has had since the last dusty old AAT fansite stopped being updated, probably around eight or nine years ago. I have a vast library of screenshots and media, I'll likely be filling this site with as much as I can legally get away with. So yeah, it ought to look way better than the humble page you see before you now, in a few months.

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